However, at this time, Ye Ming still gave the crew a half day off because he had some things to deal Tang Yu was still in his mind, and an idea flashed in his mind. "You want to come to me? Oh, let them come!" If he died, even if the merchant boat won the war, then who will be emperor? "Zhengzhu? What is Zhengzhu? Are these people of Xuantian sect also working for people?" At the next moment, a dark blue ice sword was condensed on the right hand of lanxuan. It was like a While talking, Zhou Lin, who was anxious and dry, was once again slapped, and the whole body's e Who could have thought that the accommodation fee here is as high as 200000 gold coins per person pe It is not only the morning news column that has broadcast, but also various newspapers in Beijing ha At the sight of Tang Yue's speechless appearance, Michelle couldn't help laughing and whispe Wang Ming is wearing a mage shield. He is shivering against the cold wind. Although the sun is stron At this time, a dark shadow suddenly swept over and swallowed the small fireball into his mouth. However, among the Jurchen in Jianzhou, Nurhachi is of course supreme, and shuerhaqi has its own sup In the governor's house in Hexi, Feng yuanpo is frowning at this time, and Feng Tianxiao is stan Originally, the best way to use this kind of time should be the power of the illusory time layer. At present, the only spirits left in the soul pool are the masters of the semi king of martial arts. It was the same with the fire phoenix. It suppressed the demon saint for three thousand years, but s This whirlpool collides with the sword light of the incarnation of the flying feather God King!

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