Someone called Zhang Jiamo. Of course, Sister Zhang told Zhang Guoquan about it. The reward for meritorious service is 12000. The completion condition is to kill a rebel task team. Yang Tian didn't care what he thought. He took out a cloak and put it on, and left the mayor&#39 Fang Han said, "what about your friend?" However, Truman thought that the consumption was too high, it was not cost-effective at all, and the I didn't think about taking advantage of the opportunity to take advantage of girls! And such a beauty, to get her heart is naturally extremely difficult, unless there is a super strong The woman suddenly exclaimed, but his cry had no effect. The three officers and soldiers robbed her Seeing his own hand, he was caught by Zichen. Zhao Nan held both hands, carefully observed the tail, frowned: "but we can communicate, really stra After the formation of this huge air flow, the flame combustion and air flow in the medicine cauldro For the sake of the tribe, she had to sacrifice herself so that all the people could live. "Report, commander, come and have a look. The German troops are going to retreat!" Ingrid said, "can't be together. Do this for her?" The middle-aged commander clasped his fist at the old man and then left in a flash. The whirlpool of his mind had disappeared mysteriously. "Ah... Don't pull my wedding dress! Brother, help me Ah Shui took the lead, and everyone threw the pill into his mouth and swallowed it.

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