What Li Hao is doing at this time is to understand these forces that block the world of martial arts The book office was filled with indignation. On this side of the test field, about half an hour later, Shi an picked up the alloy shield and the However, these attacks were blocked by Ju Kui. But soon long Ao Tian also came back to God, some doubts of the mouth. Zhang Debiao also nodded excitedly, patted Hu Yihua's shoulder and said to him. This attack was unexpected and had a very good effect! Seeing a magic light in the opposite man's hand, Xu Yichang took a breath. Ye Wei looked at the bloody puppet in front of him. His face was slightly dignified. And there are a lot of strong people in the ice and snow cult. Those people will surely come here in What makes Ye Yiming a little puzzled is that these foreign disciples are looking at their own eyes "He's better than the Dragon man a year ago." At this time, several special guests quietly came to the Principality of stantin, which had no chang And the beauty of the eyes has been pale. Such a variety of emotions are not, people, where can we call them people?! The original blue wind disappeared, replaced by a blazing, red fire. This book is first published in Chinese. Please support the original version. Thank you. The next morning, Zheng Ying and Zhou Li took a special plane to the capital.

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