He has made up his mind to follow Wang qiuer for three years, and he is still full of confidence in Think about Yue chongdu, who thinks he's cheap. It was small, about half a finger, but it was shining brilliantly. The rule, which he can't avoid, is very strong. A hundred plants from the stone wall, thoroughly fascinated. Soon, a group of other deacons and foreign affairs elders returned one after another. The sword throne swayed, and now it rose up again and hit the front. While walking leisurely, Xu Feng asked casually. "To live, we just hope that both of our brothers can live to the time of peace, and then go home and Just now the prohibition was touched, and the other garrison friars had already rushed to the main h However, as a man, no matter how difficult he is, he should be worthy of heaven and earth, and walk Being kneaded by Chu Huan for a while, Su Niang felt that her shoulders were no longer stiff and rel "Would you like to cook a bowl of ginger soup for you? The cold seems to be very serious." Over the years, Tang Chun has been troubled by two things. Although the wisdom of the giant thunder beast is quite high, the thunder fire scorpion is obviously "Adjust the army! Adjust the army! The Yu Lin Wei! Adjust the Heavy Crossbow! Adjust the artillery! Due to the involvement of foreign agents, the "Wolong rise" people took over the case after they arr It's not just about registering and recording the height, weight, health records and physical ch

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