In a moment, half a glass of wine will go down. So, the strong man of Feng nationality took back his big hand. When Tang Yu was collecting these precious bamboo, Tang Tang Tang suddenly became alert. This first attempt, it replaced someone else's jade rune. "We can solve so many gut animals in this period of time, and every time it's a blow... Mr. Wang All the elders of qianhuwei have come out! At the moment, the more timid you are, the more timid you are? Now, this was once a king level creature, but now it has been lost for a long time, and is no longer Seeing that Yuan Shang had agreed to his words, Guo TU was overjoyed: "since the Lord has agreed, th "Isn't Zhai Qingliang said to be an honest and upright official? It seems that he is not clear t The transmitting array from the tiger's claw Galaxy does not go directly to the sun star. According to the rules of wushuangcheng, his status in the commercial league represents the benefits Fat face and bald head leaning on the mountain wall, the smile is full of insidious cunning. After entering, the shop assistant's sister wore a professional smile on her face. Ye Ruo also flashes behind the elder of the Lin family thousand tiger hall! What's more, he dares to kill people just after the Liang family's business is finished. Wha With all kinds of questions in his arms, Shen Hongwen came to Ji Xiangkui's office: "Hello, head Then he habitually wanted to hold my arm, but suddenly he felt that he was wearing men's clothes

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